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Canada Goose Jackets Discussion thread: The Google fracas or anything elseI hellishly canada goose outlet washington dc busy today, and posting will be very light. I canada goose outlet boston will, however, put up the Five Cat Winners at about 2 pm Chicago time. In the meantime, maybe we can try a discussion thread.As canada goose outlet seattle you may have heard, a Google canada goose outlet edmonton employee wrote a ten page memo that you can find here;it called ideological echo chamber. have to say that I haven read a word of it, so I completely without any basis for an opinion. A Google representative, asked about the dismissal, referred to Pichai’s memo.Damore’s 10 page memorandum accused Google of silencing conservative political opinions and argued that biological differences play a role in the shortage of women in tech canada goose outlet factory and leadership positions. It circulated widely inside the company and became public over the weekend, causing a furor that amplified the pressure on Google executives to take a more definitive stand.After the controversy swelled, Danielle Brown, Google’s new vice president for diversity, integrity and governance, sent a statement to staff condemning Damore’s views and reaffirmed the company’s stance on diversity.”We are unequivocal in our belief that diversity and inclusion are critical to our success as a company,” Brown said in the statement. Department of Labor alleging the company systemically discriminates against women. Google has denied the charges, arguing that it doesn’t have a gender gap in pay, but has declined to share full salary information with the government. According to the company’s most recent demographic report, 69 percent of its workforce and 80 percent of its technical staff are male.This controversy is reminiscent of Harvard President Larry Summers losing his job for expressing an opinion on biologically baseddifferences in abilities between the sexes. But again, I have no idea what differences this memo claims to exist, nor whether it argues that the perceived differences are purely cultural, hard wired, or a combination of both.If canada goose outlet near me you read the memo (and those who express an opinion should), and read about the fracas, weigh in below. I just printed it out to read this evening. Many are concerned with the appeal they think they smell in the document, not with what it says matter of fact, and other people also don care with what it says, or what appeals canada goose outlet it might make, but that their political tribe was attacked canada goose outlet england by the other tribe. canada goose outlet houston Or by the firing. It always comes down to this.PS: Jerry, consider getting a tablet. They got really good. You won ever want to go back to printing things out, ever again. You might even switch from canada goose outlet new york real books to digital ones. It seems incredible now, but your future self is laying on a couch in Poland, enjoying the landmark 50,000 readers, and is wondering why you didn do it earlier.I am always re amused at the recollection of the Larry Summers affair when one of the female professors swooned (according to her) upon hearing Summers comments. He immediately hastened to fall on his knees with abject apology but goose outlet canada he was departed from Harvard soon thereafter.What does it say about discourse in general and the microagression sensitive howls when one innocently observes that there are differences between men and women?Sorry about that, folks, but it a fact, damnable as it might be to some.After listening to him, I don think Dalmore is naive about this. canada goose outlet london uk You know, naively posting a whole lot of sincere beliefs believing that when Google said they wanted open discussion they meant it. Like the stereotypical nerd, great at stats.I think he smarter than that. canada goose outlet in new york He knew damn well what a storm this might create, and thought about the right moment and how to play his hand. It canada goose outlet montreal not so clear where this goes, but I don think he going to spend his life as a janitor. I wish him well!(Larry Summers is plenty smart too, but the mood was different ten years ago, it wasn so obvious what would happen.)Each year my department delivers over one hundred new graduates into the tech industry, many of whom head to Silicon Valley, some to Google. I guarantee that the majority of them sympathize with this memo. We have precious few canada goose premium outlet opportunities to address diversity and gender in an engineering curriculum. They enter this industry with their social views largely canada goose outlet online uk unchallenged. Most of them keep quiet but their beliefs certainly shape their actions and decisions as they advance to senior positions in this field.This Google engineer memo expresses latent beliefs that are ubiquitous in the tech industry. Yesterday I read a typical response arguing that the memo let us reason together tone is when the subject matter directly impacts people in the organization. The conclusion: arguing those points about sex differences is beneath reason and people who express those thoughts should just canada goose outlet store uk be shown the door.But this is so wrong headed. It isn the argument that directly affects people, it the latent belief. That silent, covert belief will carry on unchallenged indefinitely, doing the steady harm it has always done, until liberal thinkers decide to step off their moral high horses and confront the conservative viewpoint on its own terms. I believe that these bad beliefs, so meticulously argued by conservative intellectuals, will only fall by self contradiction or by correcting false premises. Why should that canada goose outlet new york city be such a distasteful task?In reply to cjwinstead, you wrote, have precious few opportunities to address diversity and gender in an engineering curriculum. the more reason to make sure that you have a diverse population of students who have the opportunity to spend 4 or more years working together and learning to appreciate each others strengths and differences. Diversity is not something you treat in canada goose outlet woodbury a workshop or two; it is something you live. You do your students a disservice if you are not providing them a varied cohort.I would argue that you had countless opportunities every day in every classroom, lecture and laboratory to address diversity. How did you use those opportunities?You argue that [I] canada goose outlet canada had countless opportunities. You would argue this from nowhere, based on nothing. You know zilch about my program, its geography and social constraints, its efforts on diversity, its successes and frustrations, or who I even am. I been in my position twelve years, and from day one diversity discussions have been front and center in administrative meetings and on canada goose outlet michigan an endlessly repeating loop. In my research lab I have maintained one of the most balanced and diverse engineering research programs you find. I been selected as a peer reviewer on multiple federal diversity grant programs, but frankly those experiences left me disappointed in the range of practicable ideas out there. I kept a 50/50 gender balance in my doctoral group, and it hasn been hard to do that. I enjoyed a fountain of talent from black and hispanic grad students, and I haven had to do anything to attract them other than keep an open door. But when it comes to the undergrad and professional masters programs, no, I do not have opportunities every day in every classroom. The undergrads come from regional high canada goose outlet shop schools. Most of them have the same canada goose outlet los angeles race, the canada goose outlet jackets same religion, the same hair/eye color, probably even the same great grandfather. I may have 40 to 80 students in a class. My individual interactions with them are canada goose parka outlet uk limited and focused on highly technical subjects. When am I supposed to fire up my pipe, sit on a log and canada goose outlet in uk have a long chat about social justice? I appreciate that you excited to educate me, but there hardly a day goes by that I don hear from another new voice, eager to give me yet another rehash of Diversity 101, as though I hadn already been working on that for a damn decade plus.That the thing! Either you think that there no difference and the sexes and races are interchangeable. In which case balancing diversity seems like canada goose outlet uk sale an arbitrary task.Or you think that there are differences, between the sexes and races in which case it makes sense to have a balanced team with different races and sexes as to have different viewpoints Canada Goose Jackets.

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