If you have other pets, try to maintain your normal routine

With or without the stones they have prep time and it is a different fight to the one on earth.So is your argument that Strange only ever uses a variety of spells if he can see into the future? Prep time is a factor but not a quantifiable one because it is hard to apply logic to the 14 million scenarios.Strange definitely hold him off more and forces him to use all 4 stones that he had. Sure Iron man is more durable but Strange posed a kind of threat that Thanos had to find unique ways to deal with, he may have made Thanos bleed but Thanos had a whole lot more control in his fight vs Iron manmozillavulpix 8 points submitted 7 days agoMy biggest issue is despite the fact they train all the time, we rarely if ever get to see what that training entails, especially later on in the story. What do they even do when they training? Punch the air for hours? Do push ups? How difficult is it for them to train? How much training do they have to do to really become stronger? What are they even improving?They may technically train a lot, but since so much of it is either off screen or there one scene that meant to represent the entire time period, I have trouble even thinking they train at all.BludFlairUpFam 7 points submitted 7 days agoI think it can be quiet inconsistent and many things are basically written off as because they are saiyans but I think it is has its moments.I liked the training Gohan and Goku were doing during the Cell saga, the Whis training was decent and Piccolo training Gohan was solid, same for the King Kai one at the point where they were still learning techniques.I think they have gotten worse as the series has gone on but since Super will obviously continue I hope that they spend more time on creative training, whether that is new techniques or new ways to control ki.

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